Die splitters (or die separators) provide a safe and efficient method of separating dies or molds and allow for safe handling of them during maintenance.

All Equipment Shown Can Be Designed and Manufactured to Handle Increased or Decreased Capacity.

12,000 lb. Die Splitter (173785)

12,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES Synchronized screw lift Rotating ram Machined bolster and ram Made in USA

30,000 lb. Die Splitter (3120)

30,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-1:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● Splits a 30,000 lb. die ● Allows lower half to be removed ● Inverts and lowers upper half for removal ● Reassembles die after servicing ● Dock feature …

12,000 lb. Die Splitter (2643)

12,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-2:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● Power Transfer To/From Load/Unload Table ● Powered Centering Feature ● Push-button Operator Controls ● Allows Removal of Base and Inverted Upper Die ● Allows Safe Reassembly after Removal …

8,000 lb. Die Splitter (2288)

8,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-3:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● adjustable upper T-slots ● open upper frame design ● VFD motor control ● die lifters for side loading ● upper deck rotates 180 degrees

14,000 lb. Die Splitter (2661)

14,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-4:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● 110V hydraulic power ● precision machined bolster with “T” slots ● crane loaded for horizontal die/mold separation

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