Coil Shuttles

Coil shuttles are the perfect way to move steel coils safely between adjacent crane bays without awkward fork trucks or truck beds. Coil Shuttles are rail mounted for precision placement of the coil to the press or offloading system or directly to another crane.  A coil shuttle is a great way to get a coil from one crane bay to the next without tying up other resources in the plant.

All Equipment Shown Can Be Designed and Manufactured to Handle Increased or Decreased Capacity.

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At Green Valley Manufacturing we pride ourselves on creating the safest, most efficient products by offering a complete line up to improve your coil handling needs.  Green Valley coil handling equipment is designed with rigorous safety features to ensure your equipment works & keeps on working for you and your staff.

15,000 lb. Bay-To-Bay Coil Shuttle (1990)

15,000 lbs. Capacity Download Printable PDF FEATURES ● Pneumatic power ● Manual control

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