Green Valley Manufacturing is the leader in industrial heavy duty steel trailers & custom manufacturing trailers. Our manufacturing trailers are custom engineered to guarantee the right towing capacity for your material handling needs. Using the latest 3D mechanical design software with simulation gives our engineers an edge in design ensuring the cart we build is the right cart your plant will use for years to come. These manufacturing trailers are designed to reduce operating costs & increase efficiency while navigating any environment.

The Green Valley Manufacturing Trailer line offers several custom options in both size and capacity.  We custom design and build 5th wheel steer or 2 wheel steer trailers, 4 wheel steer trailers, caster steer trailers, and scooter trailers to adapt with your existing fork lift.  We also manufacture trailers with custom lift functions as well as pneumatic or powered loading capability.  Our custom material handling trailers can also be equipped with added features such as coil cradles, custom fixtures, & D-rings to make sure the high capacity load stays exactly where it’s supposed to.  Customization allows us to design your heavy duty industrial trailer to attach to anything from tugger carts to forklifts or even trucks. Our engineering team will design & build the best industrial trailers, factory carts, platform trucks, trolleys, and dollies for your application.  Our trailers are used in a variety of applications in aerospace, appliance, automotive, steel processing, forging, or any die or mold applications you need to improve.

Available features include:

  • D-rings for crane or ratchet strap use
  • Fork pockets for easy fork lift attachment
  • Adjustable tongue & hitch for easy attachment
  • UHMW, Wood, or Steel top surface for load protection.
  • Hand or foot break to prevent unwanted movement
  • Coil Cradles for coil transport & protection
  • Custom Engineered features specific to your application
  • Single end towing or dual tongue options
  • Custom capacity specific to your application

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At Green Valley Manufacturing we pride ourselves on creating the safest, most efficient products by offering a complete line up to improve your industrial material handling needs.  Green Valley material handling equipment is designed with rigorous safety features to ensure your equipment works & keeps on working for you and your staff.

Caster Steer Trailers

These trailers are ideal for managing larger lower capacity loads. The high-mobility casters allow the trailers extreme mobility during the transport process while the available options make it usable with any number of applications.


The caster steer trailer is essential to large load / low capacity material handling transport on the factory floor

25,000 LB. Caster Steer Industrial Trailer for Material Handling
4 wheel steer trailer illustration
60,000 LB. 4 Wheel Industrial Trailer for Material Handling

4 wheel steer trailers

Four wheel steer trailers offer extreme mobility while carrying extremely heavy loads.  The 4 wheel steer offers unparalleled mobility from within the manufacturing environment and the high capacity means you will be able transport the load to where it needs to go without issue. Check out the link below to see how the linkage works between wheel boxes to optimize turning radius on the 4 wheel steer design.


The 4 wheel steer trailer will be able to transport large high capacity loads while navigating tight spaces.

5th wheel trailers

Our line of 5th wheel trailers or 2 wheel steer trailers are the standard in extreme capacity transporting. Made from high grade steel, these trailers are built to carry anything you can throw at it and keep on moving.  The fifth wheel trailer tongue connection can be set at custom height to adapt to a variety of towing vehicles.


The 5th wheel trailer truly sets the standard in heavy load management and can be customized to fit any size or capacity & transport the load anywhere.

90,000 LB. 5th Wheel Industrial Trailer for Material Handling
scooter trailer in action

Scooter Trailers

Our line of scooter trailers are the most versatile piece of equipment in any manufacturing environment. These forklift trailers, or “scooter trailers” as we call them, work seamlessly with your existing forklift.  The scooter trailers are equipped with 4 low friction swivel casters and fork pockets and changes for quick and easy connection.  The operator can easily attach the trailer and get it to where it needs to go with minimal effort required.

Custom Designed & Built to Order

Green Valley Manufacturing's line of Heavy-Duty material handling trailers are designed and engineered to meet the specifications of your tooling

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