Coil Handling Equipment

Green Valley Manufacturing’s metal coil handling equipment allows for safe and efficient coil upending, moving, down ending, coil mandrel loading, and efficient storage of coils. All Green Valley Manufacturing coil handling equipment is custom designed and built to your specifications to ensure you have the perfect coil handler for your application.  Our products will help you become experts in:

  • Safely removing large steel coils and large steel coil pallets from a truck.
  • Storage of various coil sizes and maximizing the usage of your coil storing space.  We can help you store coils safely and help keep them from damage or tipping over in your facility.
  • Safely moving coils in your plant.  We offer coil trailers, free ranging coil transporters, and fixed coil shuttles or coil railcars to safely move heavy awkward coils through your plant.  We also offer coil carts with powered lift allowing various types of mandrels to be loaded by the same coil cart.
  • Coil tilting and coil mandrel loading.  Whether you are just needing to tilt a coil from horizontal to vertical, from vertical to horizontal, or need a machine to fully tilt a coil and lift it into place, we can design the right coil handling equipment for you.  We can also adapt or replace an existing coil car and upgrade it to be used with an existing mandrel/coil rail loading system.

Coil Upenders & Coil Down Enders

Coil Upenders, sometimes called coil tilters or coiled positioners, are designed to bring coils from their palletized position to the upright position. Upenders are the safest and most efficient way for the coil to travel from horizontal to vertical where it’s ready to be used. A good coil upender will simplify the dangerous process of tilting the coil manually or with overhead cranes.  Our upender line up and down ender line up can help you safely position any large loads and are utilized for a  number of applications from tilting paper rolls, plastic film, rotating press molds and dies, or any heavy awkward loads.

Titan-Coil Upenders

Coil Transporter

Coil carts and coil transporters provide safe and efficient movement of metal coils within the manufacturing environment. These coil transporters are custom designed to your specifications and work seamlessly in your manufacturing space. Our line up of free ranging coil transporters allow you to move through areas of the plant without tying up cranes or tying up forklifts.  We offer flat deck coil transporters with custom cradles so you can use the transporters for any heavy load or add a coil cradle to move the coil in the vertical position.   We also design and build a variety of custom coil trailers that will allow you to use an existing forklift for coil transport or pair up with an existing tugger with a coil trailer allowing you to maximize the use or repurpose an existing piece of equipment.  All Green Valley coil transporters and coil trailers are equipped with standard safety features to improve your coil handling process.

Coil Shuttles

Coil shuttles are the perfect way to move steel coils safely between adjacent crane bays without awkward fork trucks or truck beds. Coil Shuttles are rail mounted for precision placement of the coil to the press or offloading system or directly to another crane.  A coil shuttle is a great way to get a coil from one crane bay to the next without tying up other resources in the plant.

Coil Shuttle

Coil Racks

Our coil racks are made from top of the line steel and can be customized to fit coils of any size or capacity. The adjustable anti-tip posts can be maneuvered to handle various coil sizes while the cradle surface can be customized to any specification.  Coils falling over in storage is a common problem and storing them upright with the proper coil racks and retention posts will protect the edges of your coils as well as those who are handling them.

Coil Pallet

The Green Valley Coil Pallet & Coil Cradle is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in coil handling. The steel cradle is designed and built to meet the needs of the specific coil it’s holding and can be customized with a variety of surfaces depending on the application. Fork pockets make it easy to pick up and transfer with standard pieces of equipment.  This allows you to move coils with a standard forklift and store or stage a variety of coils near the press it will be utilized in the upright position.

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At Green Valley Manufacturing we pride ourselves on creating the safest, most efficient products by offering a complete line up to improve your coil handling needs.  Green Valley coil handling equipment is designed with rigorous safety features to ensure your equipment works & keeps on working for you and your staff.

Custom Designed & Built to Order

The right upender designed for your coil change processes

All Green Valley Manufacturing products are designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.

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