Green Valley Manufacturing takes great pride in building quality, high-capacity transporters and burden carriers that fit individual facility needs. Our standards in innovation, production, and engineering allow our customers to safely and effortlessly transport and position heavy loads for assembly, operation, or packaging, which boosts their bottom lines. Our line of heavy-duty industrial material transporters are custom built to meet our clients specific application.

Industrial Transporters

Green Valley Manufacturing custom designs and engineers industrial transporters specifically for your application. Able to handle any capacity they are custom built to meet your product and processes. Our custom industrial transporters also have optional AGV guidance systems when your application calls for this degree of automation. With wireless pendant or onboard controls our industrial material transporters are easy-to-use, built to last, and come fully loaded with features such as:

  • Safety Laser Collision Avoidance Scanners
  • Safety Bumpers
  • Safety Projection Lights
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Rail Mounted or Free Ranging
  • 2 wheel or 4 wheel steer
  • Onboard, Wired or Wireless Pendant Control
  • And any other custom feature needed for your specific application.

Green Valley manufacturing industrial transporters are used in a number of industries in a variety of ways, but they are most commonly used in manufacturing to transport heavy molds, dies, and coils to and from the press without the use of cumbersome and time-consuming overhead cranes. Unlike the overhead crane system, free ranging transporters are unencumbered by rails giving them the ability to carry the load anywhere. Rail-mounted industrial transporters are also a great option for frequently travelled paths such as transporting a load from crane bay to crane bay.


Green Valley Manufacturing is an innovative industry leader in highly complex, demanding product assembly. Our AGVs are deployed using a preprogrammed path or guidance system to provide a complete turnkey material handling system based on proven technology.  All of the features and capabilities of Green Valley Manufacturing’s manually operated transporters are available in an AGV for automatic operations when required. Green Valley Manufacturing can design a custom AGV to fit with your application. We will work with your team to determine the driving patterns that will work to make sure your AGV transporter travels the most efficient path possible.

Custom Designed & Built to Order

All equipment shown will be designed and manufactured to handle the capacity required by your operation.

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