Call Green Valley today to set an appointment with one of our representatives to review your parts needs. We can turn your concept into reality, from simple parts to production run.

Our New 80X Omax waterjet offers several benefits including:
  • Largest Local Bed Size: 180” X 89” Table offering a 165” X 80” Cut Travel Envelope.  We can now cut parts up to double the length of our previous jet. We can nest more parts out of a standard sheet giving less drops and less waste on customer supplied material.
  • Best Part Accuracy:  This waterjet has a +/-0.001” linear axis accuracy as well as +/-0.001 repeatability offering unmatched parts consistency. The Tiltajet feature eliminates taper on the edge of final parts.
  • Real World Cutting Data:  The Intelli-MAX Software will give our engineers the opportunity to quickly draw and nest our customer’s part to provide efficient quote turnarounds as well as accurate lead-times.
  • Various Materials:  We can cut almost anything!  We said almost…..but let us know what you need to cut as we can handle a wide range of materials and thickness from metals and composites to granite!

If you are interested in outsourcing your waterjet cutting needs, please contact us at 217-864-4125.

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