14,000 lbs. Capacity

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This 2 x 7,000 lb. shuttle table is another example of GV’s ability to design effective applications for the die industry. The stationary unit can serve as a holding station for one die while another die is in use. The table, which has a total capacity of 14,000 lbs., has a roller deck surface for the movement of stamping die and bi-directional movement through a set of hydraulic pop-up rollers. This allows one die to be pulled from the press onto the table and shuttled to one side while another die is loaded.


● Heavy duty structural steel construction
● Durable gravity roller conveyor deck
● Manual die stops included
● Self contained AC powered hydraulic pump with Nema 12 controls
● Leveling and lag to floor provision


● Configured for horizontal mold changer
● 500 Lb. to 100,00 lb. capacity
● Manual or power transfer system
● Multiple passing/storage lanes
● Unlimited configurations
● Manual or automated controls
● Pneumatic powered hydraulic pump
● Automatic controls
● Custom finishes