8,000 lbs. capacity

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The extremely maneuverable unit featured is Green Valley’s 8000 lb. capacity power driven mold/die changer. This is one of GV’s core units and is easily adaptable to meet different customer needs. With this changer, there are several styles and options from which to choose. This unit displays a configuration for Quick Die Change but is available in either quick mold or die change applications. All of Green Valley Mfg., Inc’s products are engineered to save time and money.


  • Powered lift mechanism for variable height mold/die transfer
  • Fully self contained battery power
  • DC powered tractor drive
  • Battery power provides hours of run time without recharging
  • Fully automatic charger
  • Variable travel speed 0-150 FPM
  • Robust industrial controls
  • Accordion safety skirt on lift
  • Audio alarm
  • Powered Serapid© insert/extract device


  • Lift mechanism capacity and stroke
  • Powered mold/die stops
  • Powered mold/die hooks
  • Docking mechanism
  • Integrated storage systems
  • 2-position drive attachment brackets