15,000 lbs. capacity

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GVMI, designers and builders of custom mold & die change systems, offers a full line of dedicated rail car systems. Mold and die changes are accomplished quickly & safely. As with all GVMI systems, customer needs are carefully considered and a system engineered specifically to meet
those needs. GVMI’s modular component philosophy delivers a high quality custom system at prices comparable to the one-size fits all competitors.
Contact a GVMI applications engineer today to discuss your requirements.


  • Designed for tools up to 48” F-B x 68” L-R x 38” H
  • Fully pneumatic powered controls
  • Dedicated rail car design
  • 50” track gauge
  • Heavy duty hydraulic lift with accordion safety skirt enables variable height die transfer from 19” H min. to 55” H max
  • Power Serapid© insert/extract system with manual tool hook
  • Power fail safe mold/die stops
  • Pneumatic powered car travel, 100 FPM, cyclo reducer, and chain final drive
  • On-board pneumatic powered hydraulic unit
  • On-board pneumatic hose reel
  • Hand held pendant controls
  • Safety bumpers, front & back


  • Capacities to 150,000 lbs
  • Unit configuration for mold or die change
  • Load capacity increased or decreased
  • Increased size load deck
  • Multiple station tool capacity (2 or 3 dies)
  • Fixed deck height without lift
  • Roller deck, powered or gravity
  • LP gas fueled internal combustion engine power
  • AC electric power & controls
  • Battery power & controls
  • Powered insert/extract hook attachments
  • Automation (per customer spec.)
  • Operator ride-on unit
  • Wireless remote control
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom storage systems (mold or die racks)