2 x 6,000 lbs. capacity

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Change dies in minutes safely with the Titan 1760. The over/under design provides die pre-staging capabilities. Operators are able to stage the exchange die at the press prior to extracting the die in the press. Upon extracting the die from the press the lift is simply lowered and the exchange die inserted.


● Over/under load decks
● Transfer elevation (lower deck) 10 ½” to 58” raised (dimensions from floor)
● Deck dimensions 70 “ W x 28” D
● 720 AH battery, fully automatic on-board charger, 120 V AC/24 V DC
● Dual Serapid® insert/extract mechanisms, 10 FPM linear speed
● Internal DC drive propulsion
● Pendant controlled
● Hydraulic actuated steering
● 0 – 150 FPM travel speed
● Manual safety die hooks
● Powered docking pin
● Low profile UHMW slides
● Docking guide rollers


● Custom load decks and transfer heights
● Operator ride – on configuration
● Pendant or wireless remote control
● Automatic guided control (AGV)
● Powered die stops
● Increased battery and charger
● Powered die hooks