30,000 lbs. capacity

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The unit depicted, a 2 X 15,000-lb mold changer is one of Green Valley’s most popular. This mold/die changer can effortlessly transport up to 30,000-lbs and can be configured for 1 or 2 molds or dies. An on-board rechargeable DC direct drive allows you to plug right into the wall for quick, no hassle charging. This transporter is easily controlled and managed by a remote pendant controller. The unit features an optional lift and serapid push/pull device. This changer can meet all your QMC/QDC needs.


● Powered lift mechanism for variable height die & mold transfer
● Battery power provides hours of run time without recharging
● Fully automatic charger
● Pendant controlled unit functions
● DC traction motor/cyclo drive
● Variable travel speed from 0-150 FPM
● Robust industrial controls
● Heavy duty roller deck
● High durometer urethane load wheels
● Accordion safety skirting on lift
● Dual position insert/extract Serapid© device
● Visual and audio alarms


● Operator ride on platform
● Wireless remote control
● AGV controls
● Increased lift capacity
● Docking mechanism
● Configured for die change
● Powered mold/die stops
● Powered mold/die hooks
● Mold/Die storage rack systems
● L.P. gas fueled internal combustion engine power