2,400 lb. Double Station Die/Mold Cart (1361)

2,400 lbs. capacity

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The Titan 1361 provides all the same great features as other GVMI carts. The addition of a turntable deck enhances the cart’s flexibility. With a turntable deck, tools can be either side or end transferred. A high capacity turret deck and lift provide years of trouble-free service. Manual rotation and tool stops positively retain molds or dies on board. Consult a GVMI applications engineer for additional details.


● Power lift mechanism for variable height mold/die transfer
● Battery power provides hours of run time without recharging
● Fully automatic charger
● Pneumatic traction control with on-board compressor
● DC traction motor/cylco drive
● Variable travel speed 0-150 FPM
● Audio alarm
● Robust industrial controls


● Configured for mold or die change
● Increased deck size
● Increased capacity
● Power Serapid ® insert/extract mechanism
● Larger capacity battery pack
● Power mold/die stops
● Power insert/extract hooks
● Automation feedback sensors
● Manual back-up hydraulic pump
● Custom storage racks
● Docking mechanisms
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