Coil Pallet 7,500 LB capacity

7,500 lb. Coil Pallet Cradle (204969)

Coil Pallet 7,500 LB capacity
7,500 lbs. Capacity
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• UHMW plastic top to protect coil during loading & unloading

• Steel coil retention posts

• Fork pockets for easy transport
– Designed to be used with existing

fork lifts

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Coil Pallet

The Green Valley Coil Pallet (or coil cradle) is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in coil handling. The steel cradle is designed and built to meet the needs of the specific coil it’s holding and can be customized with a variety of surfaces depending on the application. Fork pockets make it easy to pick up and transfer with standard pieces of equipment.  This allows you to move coils with a standard forklift and store or stage a variety of coils near the press it will be utilized in the upright position. Coil Pallets can be customized to meet the needs of any sized coil.

4,000 lbs. Capacity

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● Steel coil cradle
● Side bumpers
● Fork pockets
● Stackable design
● Made in the USA

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At Green Valley Manufacturing we pride ourselves on creating the safest, most efficient products by offering a complete line up to improve your coil handling needs.  Green Valley coil handling equipment is designed with rigorous safety features to ensure your equipment works & keeps on working for you and your staff.

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