25,000 lbs. capacity

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Shown is Green Valley’s newest addition, our 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer, 25,000 lb capacity quick die changing transporter. This unit has the ability to maneuver extremely well in confined spaces with the aid of its 4-wheel steering. This unit not only can operate in small spaces but can do so while transporting extremely heavy loads.


  • Power lift mechanism for variable height mold/die transfer
  • High capacity roller deck
  • Power mold/die stops
  • Power mold/die hooks
  • Power insert/extract
  • Fully self contained battery power, provides hours of run time without recharging
  • Fully automatic on-board charger
  • Pendent controlled unit functions
  • On-board PLC system management
  • Encoder wheel position tracking. Featuring: crab & counter steer modes
  • Variable travel speed from 0-150 FPM
  • Robust industrial 24V DC controls
  • High durometer urethane load wheels
  • (4) 2hp cyclo drive units mounted on high capacity turret style bearings
  • On-board DC powered hydraulics for lifting & steering functions
  • +/- 1” top deck side shift
  • Audio and visual alarms


  • Configured for mold change
  • Custom load deck configuration
  • Wireless remote control
  • AGV controls, automated features
  • Battery and charger upgrades
  • L. P. gas fueled internal combustion engine power
  • Operator ride-on unit
  • Load capacity increased or decreased
  • Dual Serapid® insert/extract mechanism
  • Custom storage systems