1,500 lbs. capacity

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GV’s Titan 1051 mold/die change system provides an ergonomical solution for moderate tool weight applications. The over and under design storage racks offer high density tool storage. Contact one of GV’s application engineers for more information.


  • 24” D x 40” W gravity roller deck 1.9ø roller 3”C
  • 24” of vertical lift
  • Accordion safety skirt
  • 110V AC powered hydraulic lift
  • Up/down control pendant
  • High duromether urethane tread whee
  • (2) Manual mold/die stops on lanyards
  • (2) Turn buckle style cart docking hooks
  • Foot operated floor brake
  • Heavy-duty push handle
  • Regal yellow enamel finish over (1) coat industrial enamel primer


  • Increased deck size
  • Increased lift stroke
  • Increased capacities
  • Pneumatic powered lift
  • Battery powered lift
  • Battery powered tiller drive (provides effortless cart mobility)
  • Powered Serapid© insert/extract device
  • Powered mold/die stops
  • Automation
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom storage racks