1,500 lbs. capacity

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This is one of Green Valley Mfg. Inc’s smallest mold/die carts designed for rapid tool changing. This cart includes a 36” hydraulic scissor lift for easily changing molds or dies. Battery powered and fully self-contained, the 1,500 lb. capacity cart features an on-board charger. The 1hp tractor drive moves loads with ease and flexibility. Movable stop bars make securing loads a snap.  A wide variety of styles and options.


  • Powered lift mechanism for variable height mold/die transfer
  • Battery power provides hours of run time without recharging
  • Fully automatic battery charger
  • DC Traction motor/cyclo drive
  • Variable travel speed 0-150 FPM (Forward & Reverse)
  • Robust industrial controls
  • Audio alarm


  • Powered Serapid® push/pull device
  • Pneumatic traction control
  • Lift capacity increased (up to 4k)
  • Accordion safety skirt
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Docking mechanism
  • Storage rack system