Green Valley mold tables provide economical and safe side-changing of the molds for quick mold change operations in an injection mold changeover process.  Each mold table is designed and built for the unique application.

All Equipment Shown Can Be Designed and Manufactured to handle Increased or Decreased Capacity.

40,000 lb. Mold Table (2667)

40,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● 480 VAC powered ● VFD rigid chain push/pull system ● High capacity rollers

55,000 lb. Mold Table (2647)

55,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-1:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● Powered Roller Mold Transfers ● Perimeter Walkways ● Interfaces with Press Controls and Clamp and Press Centering Cylinder ● PLC Controlled

8,000 lb. Mold Table (2359)

8,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-2:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● Single stroke push/pull system ● Shop air powered ● Simple controls ● Guided stationary sub-plate

30,000 lb. Mold Table (2225)

30,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-3:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● AC powered ● High capacity rollers ● Powered push/pull rigid chain system

6,000 lb. Mold Table (2185)

6,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-4:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● High capacity rollers

Mold Table (1467)

5,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-5:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● Momentary push button controls on pendant ● Power push/pull ● Mold transfer functions via hand held pendant ● Table to be lagged to the floor ● Preheat station

25,000 lb. Mold Table (1399)

25,000 lbs. capacity Download Printable PDF#button-id-6:hover{color: #ffffff !important;background-color: #4d6f87 !important;} FEATURES ● Momentary push buttons on pendant ● Power push/pull ● Perimeter safety fence

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